Dog rescuer saves stray who recently gave birth—see how an iPhone helps lead him to her puppies

After locating a stray dog named Rosie, who had just given birth, Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar needed to quickly locate the new mamma dog’s pups—though she was not helpful at all in leading him to them. But when he got a very clever idea, using—of all things—his iPhone to get her to lead the way, the search really got moving!

Rosie had been being fed for over a week by a concerned good Samaritan as they tried to find her the help she needed.

START Rescue agreed to take in the medium-sized dog but only if Hope For Paws could perform a successful rescue.

When Hope For Paws was able to secure Rosie in a trap, they worked on calming her down and gaining her trust. They fed her and scratched her through the bars of the cage until she was relaxed enough for rescuers to open the cage.

After examining Rosie more closely, they discovered that she was lactating, indicating she had recently given birth.

The rescuers immediately turned their attention to rescuing Rosie’s pups, but they discovered that the protective mother would not give up the location of her babies quite so easily.

The team gave Rosie an extra-long leash to help her feel more comfortable in hopes that she would lead them to where she was keeping her puppies. Rosie had other things in mind and instead led them underneath an abandoned truck— they sat there with her for over an hour.

Then Hagar had a sudden idea to trigger Rosie’s motherly instinct. He took out his iPhone, and played sounds of puppies crying. Rosie immediately perked her head up, with a look of motherly concern clearly gripping her.

She walked out from underneath the truck and began leading the rescue team to another location. The innovative rescuer played the sound of crying puppies on his iPhone the entire way.

See for yourself how this family rescue operation ends in an adorable and cute scene sure to make you want to hold your pets tight and give them all the love they deserve.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Hope For Paws