Dog rescuers corner homeless & lonely poodle in a yard—but he won’t budge until they win him over

Frightened and abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles, a poodle avoids capture by weaving through the streets of a suburb. But the rescue team at Hope for Paws is ready for anything.

They track the dog from their car while it attempts to evade them. The team notices an opportunity to confine the canine when it makes the mistake of seeking haven at a house with a fenced off front yard.

The team quickly goes to work utilizing soccer nets and baby gates to block any and all escape routes the poodle might take to leave the yard.

After some time, they manage to corner the poodle, causing more fear from the abandoned canine. The team is patient and kind and goes to work building trust with the animal in an effort to calm its fears.

Once the dog is back at the shelter, fed, bathed and loved, its attitude completely changes and its true spirit surfaces.

The canine, lovingly named “Paddington,” makes himself right at home and enjoys the company of the other dogs at the shelter.

Hope for Paws is a nonprofit animal rescue organization hailing from Los Angeles, California.

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