Dog stands near the grave of a dead dog, but watch what he’s doing—it’s heartbreaking

Can animals pay tribute to their deceased fellow animal friends? This touching video has captured a heartbreaking moment when a dog pays tribute to his dead canine brother.

The video, believed to be shot in Buriram, northeast of Thailand, in 2017, shows a canine standing near the grave of his dead fury brother who was tragically hit and killed by a car.

The dog’s dead body was lying in a shallow grave, partially covered with mud. And what happened next is heartbreaking to watch.

In the footage, the pooch is seen burying his dead buddy. He even went into the grave to “sniff” his buddy’s lifeless body one last time before continuing to fill up the grave.

Though we are unsure why the dog was “smelling” his buddy one more time, there is one particular act of the dog that caught everyone’s attention.

The dog wasn’t using his paws to shift the dirt. He was using “something else” instead, and it seemed as if he was paying his respects to his dead buddy.

Watch the video to find out what the dog used to shift the mud.

Video credit: Facebook | ViralHog.

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