Dog’s abnormally swollen eyes surgically removed—she’s blind but still a cute & naughty pup

This blind pitch-black French bulldog pup had an unfortunate start in life, but now she has become the picture of health and happiness. Watch the naughty little Milly scamper around blissfully, even when she’s unable to see!

©Getty Images | Barcroft Media / Contributor

When Christin, a veterinary surgeon from Ramat HaSharon, Israel, spotted the sweet bulldog pup online, she knew she wanted her—so she adopted her and named her Milly. The little pup weighed just 300 grams (approx. 11 ounces) when Christin got her.

According to the Barcroft video, over-breeding had caused Milly’s head and eyes to look abnormally large for her face. She was diagnosed with cataracts and glaucoma, and after one of her eyes burst due to the increasing pressure, Christin decided it would be better for Milly to have her eyes removed.

Since then, without the relentless pain due to her infected eyes, Milly has been in high spirits. She is adored by her three brothers, especially Hunch the pug. Watching her play around and do mischief is simply adorable!