An incredible show of determination! Seal rescued by unrivaled teamwork!

This Gray Atlantic seal was saved from choking to death by two animal rescue centers that teamed up with local fisherman—the animal held on to dear life for a grueling nine hours before being set free!

Jan and Paul Bevington from the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary answered a frantic call for help from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA). They found a seal struggling to free itself from a lobster line, off Sandness, Shetland.

They rushed to the scene to help SSPCA Inspector Teresa Jamieson and local fisherman Martin Garriock in untangling a baby seal who was trapped in one of his lobster lines. The rescue took a staggering nine hours from the time that the SSPCA was contacted.

Since Martin only had a small boat, they asked for the help of fisherman Sean Williamson who had a bigger boat. They first tried swimming alongside the seal but to no avail, so Sean attached a grappling hook to the noose.

“We hauled it in and had no choice but to haul it up to the side of the boat,

“If we tried to do anything in the sea, a fully grown, ferocious, frightened Atlantic gray seal could do a lot of harm, said Jan as reported by Storytrender.

“Even when it was hauled out of the sea you can see from the video how aggressive it was so we decided to just cut as fast as we could,

“We were concerned about throttling the seal, but we know seals can hold their breath for a long time,” she added.

“Our main concern was being able to get to the rope avoiding its snapping teeth, which became even harder once Sean had cut through the initial bit of rope so the seal could move its head more,

“That’s why we put a towel over its head, to keep its mouth away from Pete’s hand as he made the final cut,” she further elaborated.

The video footage was captured in 2015 but has been recently uploaded to be viewed by the public.

Images credit: Youtube Screenshot | Caters Clips