They’re stopped at a stop sign. but what they see motorcyclist next to them doing—’what the?’

Sometimes you see cars on the road that have been modified to fit the driver’s need for speed or style. You see oversized engines, tires with deep treads, or complex artwork on the body that make you stare. But what you almost never see is a musical instrument sticking out of a motorcycle for some on-the-road live performance.

A couple of vacationers were taking videos of a town in Oregon as they passed through, when their attention was caught by what appeared to be a drum set on wheels at an intersection.

As they paused at the red light behind this curious sight, loud, infectious music blared from its speakers and a man expertly banged out beats on his drums. He appeared to be seated on a bike with the entire musical set fixed to platforms around him.

The drummer was clearly a pro, though it was unclear whether he was entertaining the other cars stuck at the signal or simply whiling his time away, doing what he loves to do.

Regardless, the vacationers got very excited at spotting this example of Oregon’s avant-garde culture. The drummer kept playing without a hint of self-consciousness. He didn’t even seem to register that he had an audience.

Finally, when the signal changed, he stopped drumming and turned his attention to getting the engine started. After a couple of false tries, it roared to life, and the entire contraption moved away with the bike.

Some people read books at a signal, this man drums.

And he’s not alone! “Drum Bike Guy” had toured the country with his cycle, miniature drums, and a GoPro. And yet another motorcycle aficcionado had set up his sidecar as a portable drumming platform for his friend, while a guitarist rode pillion to give the full band effect.

So, a Harley with a drum set might seem like something right out of Mad Max, but to many these musicians are simply exploring a new frontier of live music.  

Besides, as one commenter pointed out, “I’ve been caught air-drumming at signals before. This guy just had the real thing.”