Farmer starts playing trombone in a field—watch the horizon to see ‘4-legged fans’ rush over

As children, we all heard the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, right? He played his music, and the rats followed, mesmerized by his flute music. Well, in this video, it’s not that pied piper but a different one, and it’s not rats following, but much larger animals.

The oldest known picture of the Pied Piper copied from the glass window of the Market Church in Hameln/Hamelin Germany (c.1300–1633). Image source: Wikimedia.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg likes to serenade the animals with his trombone, and the cows just moo along. It’s a real “moosic” festival!

And not only do the animals follow him, but they love his music so much they sing along!