Firefighters enter burning home & find unresponsive pup—watch close as they use a special mask

This video clip shows a touching reunion between a California pup and the firefighter who rescued him from certain doom.

The firefighters of Bakersfield Fire Department, California, rescued Jack the dog from a burning house on July 20, 2017, and successfully revived it with a special pet oxygen mask. The successful rescue was captured on video and uploaded to the fire department’s Facebook page, which was soon shared widely on social media.

The Shih Tzu was unresponsive when he was carried out of the house. A specialized animal oxygen mask, supplied by the local girl scouts, was used to revive the dog. According to Bakersfieldnow, the girl scouts raised money one year ago to make sure all fire trucks were equipped with one of these pet masks.

The dog’s owner, Jeff Garnett, adores his little Shih Tzu, and said, “he waits for me every night when I come home.”

Credit: Facebook | Bakersfield Fire Department

“Pets play a significant part in everyone’s lives these days,” said Fire Department Chief John Frando, who found the pooch trapped behind a couch in the smoking home. “People will go through harm’s way to protect their pets.”

The dog suffered some burns on his paws and was sent to the Bakersfield Veterinarian Hospital to receive treatment. The firefighter, Matt Smith, who saved the dog, couldn’t help but check on Jack’s current condition at the hospital, a day after the rescue.

After checking up on the little pooch, the fire department was pleased to announce on their Facebook page that Jack’s condition had “significantly improved.”

Garnett is also appreciative of the fire department for saving his pet. “He’s going to be fine; we’re going to be fine too, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Video Credit: Bakersfield Fire Department.