Fishermen spot stranded deer in the middle of lake, but how they get it back to shore—unbelievable

When friends Jason Langton and Scotty Domine went out on Lake Erie to catch some perch one Sunday, they expected nothing more than maybe some delicious dinner.

Instead, they got far more than they had bargained for!

The pair were far out on the massive lake when they spotted something struggling out in the deep waters—and Langton, who hunts deer as well, quickly realized that it was a floundering game far from shore.

Although deer are known for sometimes swimming in the water near the shores, this one had likely gotten caught in a current. By the time the two men found it, the frantic animal was far from his comfort zone and losing energy quickly; if they didn’t act immediately, it wasn’t likely the poor creature would survive.

Not knowing what else to do, the men decided it was time to call a hiatus in their fishing trip.

Instead of carrying on their way bringing their catch in to shore for the day, they changed course. Pulling up alongside the animal, the pair roped the giant deer in and held it by the antlers as they then guided their vessel back to shore.

All ended well for the parties involved, but it certainly wasn’t the kind of fishing trip either man expected to have when they set off earlier in the day!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Storyful