Girl prepares for rollerblading contest. When she starts swirling & turning—it’s breathtaking

The beautiful girl in this video may be little, but she possesses an impeccable talent. Watch her roller skate with absolute precision and grace. 

Meet 12-year-old Russian girl Sofia Bogdanova, a freestyle slalom skater who started roller skating before the age of 7.

Freestyle slalom skating is a highly technical field of skating that requires skaters to perform tricks, edge stunts, and dance-like maneuvers around a straight line of equally spaced miniature cones.

In the footage filmed during 2017 SSO Junior Women Classic Slalom in Shanghai, Sofia displays flawless freestyle slalom skating skills as she performs to the music of violinist Lindsey Stirling.

During the routine, she executes beautiful footwork and takes good control of her balance. And her concentration is amazing—she passes through each miniature cone placed on the floor with perfect precision.

Sofia glides across the skating rink gracefully. She looks just like a real-life fairy!

It certainly takes a lot of passion and practice to put together this superlative performance. It’s not surprising she’s the champion of this junior women’s competition.

It’s truly a pleasure watching Sofia roller skate.

Watch to see it for yourself.

Video credit: YouTube | Ericdaryl.

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