Girl rides to top of Empire State during windstorm—then camera catches epic long-hair havoc

Standing at a whopping 1,454 feet to the tip of its spire, the structure is one of the three tallest in the metropolitan jungle that is New York—behind only massive residential building 432 Park Avenue and One World Trade Center.

For nearly a century, it’s been an icon in Manhattan, with rides to the top and an impressive viewing tower attracting thousands of tourists every year.

While the impressive view is to be expected, many aren’t expecting just how windy it can get up there.

And the higher you climb from ground level, the windier it gets.


That’s because what’s known as the “friction layer,” found on the street, vanishes; in other words, the wind loses the friction from ground-level obstructions such as cars, people, and other buildings.

Up in the sky, with just two taller structures, the Empire State Building’s observation deck is a testament to just how serious that wind can get with nothing in its way. So, before you head up to the top, if you have long hair, you may want to at least tie your hair back!

This girl’s hair is a hilarious example, caught on camera, of what can happen if you don’t make sure to wear a hood before reaching the observation deck.

It looks as if an invisible specter is following her around the deck, tormenting and wreaking havoc on her hair (to the amusement of whoever’s behind the camera), spinning, turning, and twisting it like some crazy hair vortex. Catch this hilarious coiffure calamity in the video.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | NTD Life