Girl’s washing dishes when man comes with laundry basket—she lifts the blanket & breaks down

This woman’s loved ones surprised her with a birthday present that was utterly adorable. She was so overjoyed that she forgot to say thank you but finally did at the end of the clip.

Birthday presents come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what it is; it’s the intention behind the gift that counts. If the gift happens to be something you always wanted, it’s icing on the cake, right?

This woman was in the kitchen busy filling up water when her loved ones returned home. She said she was just “chillin” waiting for them to come back.

Then a man walked in carrying a basket covered with a white cloth. He presented it to her, telling her to open it.

She pulled back the cloth to find a giant pink ribbon. When she pulled it off a bit more, she couldn’t believe her eyes, and her hand quickly covered her mouth in shock. Then the man put the basket down to take the present out for her to hold.

She was overwhelmed and started to get teary-eyed while hugging her birthday present tightly.

Check out the video to find out what gift she received that made her so happy.