TERRIFIED Goat found in dangerous situation DANGLING from utility wire, rescued successfully

Animals can get themselves into very awkward, and sometimes, dangerous situations—more often than not, they have to depend on humans to help them out of their misery. Usually, it’s a piece of cake for rescuers or kind-hearted volunteers, but sometimes, the undertaking can become somewhat complicated and take a while.

A rescue team was called to a scene on a road in Greece where a goat got stuck on a utility wire, hanging 20 feet above the ground. It was latched on to the wire with its curly horns. How did the goat get there? Well, that’s a mystery!

The men reaching out to the goat with a ladder

The men thought of a strategic plan and acted upon it. Since the goat was too high up to reach, they first climbed up on to the vehicle’s top and using a long ladder, reached the goat’s forelimbs.

The goat was smart enough to clasp on to the ladder rails.

When the goat clasped on, the men started to push it gently towards the hill so as to shorten the distance between the ground and the goat’s hind legs.

A rope was tied to the now reachable goat’s hind leg and tossed over to two men standing on the hill at the end of the utility wire. They pulled the goat gently towards themselves and freed the goat’s horns.

The plan worked!

The goat was smart enough to clasp on to the ladders’ rails

The man climbed up the ladder to tie a rope around the goat’s hind leg and another man gently pulled the animal towards the mountain

Mission Accomplished!

Goat trots off as though nothing happened!

Images source: Youtube Screenshot | funny_and_amazing.