This Homeless Veteran cries after Good Samaritan changed his life—see how!

Lending a helping hand comes in different forms—a random act of kindness can change a distressed person’s life. This selfless man didn’t think twice before coming to the aid of a homeless veteran—let’s see why.

Max Zahir from Redlands, California was at a gas station when a homeless man approached him and asked for change. He requested the man to get into his car and told him that he will buy him some food. The man, a veteran, gladly obliged and off they went to a drive thru of a local fast food chain.

After grabbing lunch, Max decides that this was not going to be the last time that he would have an encounter with this gentleman. He then said something that would not just make the old veteran smile from ear to ear, but have him weep for joy…

Handing the bag filled with food, Max says to the veteran: “I tell you what, I go to work every day around 4:00, and if you meet me at that gas station, I’m going to buy you lunch,

“I just want to do something and then maybe one day, you get to your feet, just pay it forward,” Maz says in the video.

“What do you usually eat?” he asks, the veteran responds, “Whatever,” with a smile.

“No one has shown me this much kindness in a while,” the veteran says, trying very hard to control his tears, “Thank you.”

“It’s just a small thing,” Max says, “You served this country, and you deserve better.”

“Stay positive,” he adds.

Max makes his message very clear in his video.

The homeless veteran met up with Max every day and in one meeting he had some good news for him—he managed to land a restaurant job!

Since then, Max started a GoFundMe campaign to help other veterans in need. Max has been able to generate more than $ 20,000 towards the cause.

Max filmed the whole encounter with the homeless veteran—watch it here!

Images credit: Youtube Screenshot | Live Leak.