Groom gets tongue-twisted during wedding ceremony, bride’s reaction had whole church laughing

The bride’s reaction in this video to her groom’s nervous mistake during their exchange of wedding vows got the whole crowd laughing.

Everyone has had a nervous reaction before. Each is unique and depends on the situation at hand, but for this bride, she got to see her husband crumble to anxiety on their wedding day.

During the exchange of wedding vows, the nervous groom mumbled one word that sounded like “waffle-y” instead of lawfully. It only took this one word to send this bride off into a fit of laughter.

It didn’t help when the husband added “pancake-y” after realizing his slip of the tongue. The bride-to-be couldn’t contain her laughter, and so the husband had to reassure the crowd, saying, “just give her a second,” to which she laughed even louder.

But apparently, this is not a unique case. The minister jokingly said, “It’s okay, folks, I’ve seen this before.”