It looks like an ordinary braid until she slides it up, you won’t believe the final look!

Are you tired of wearing a boring ponytail everyday? Always wanted to improve your hairstyle but never have enough time in the mornings? Or maybe you’re not very skilled at hairstyling, whatever the problem is, we will show you a solution with these 3 cute and stylish hairdos that are quick to make and easy to learn.

Getting Started

Using a hair brush, part a section of your hair and hold it in your fingers.

Start braiding that section of hair.

After you’ve made a braid, hold the tip of the braid and use your fingers to slide the braid upwards, finish by securing the braid with an elastic.

Repeat the same procedure of sectioning and braiding for the other side of your hair.

Hold out both braids and bring them towards the back of your head.

Secure the two braids together with an elastic, then finish it off with a dreadlock cuff.

All done! A chic and hassle-free hairstyle that works well for any occasion!

For more hairstyle ideas and detailed directions, watch the full video below:

Having your hair nicely done can certainly brighten up your day and make you feel fabulous, hope this tutorial will give you inspirations and improve your hairstyling skills!

Credit: Bianca Gover 

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