It looks like man is fooling around with hermit crab—but what he’s doing is beyond imagination

The hermit crab in this clip, which was minding its own business, received a helping hand in picking out a new shell—whether it liked it or not.

At first, the wandering crustacean walks along the sand before being suddenly confronted with a shell as big as it.

It refuses to go near and avoids the shell.

The person continues to put the same shell in the hermit crab’s path.

The crab continues to avoid at all costs.

This repeats itself a few times until the person blocks the crab’s path with several shells.

Perhaps it just doesn’t want to conform? No harm in that, right?

The crab insists on ignoring the human meddler.

With the person insisting that it fit itself out with a new shell, and the crustacean dodging every offer, what happens next?

Someone or something has got to give.

Watch the video to see how the hermit crab deals with the situation.

Alas, the human was only trying to help in his own way…

Video Credit: Facebook  | ViralHog.