It looks primitive, but what they get in the end—it’s one of the top favorite foods in the world

Clay mud ovens have been around for almost thousands of years and our ancestors made this amazing discovery to cook food using mother nature’s elements. Clay ovens are also known as Earth Ovens and are environmentally friendly.

Clay is different from soil and mostly located under the topsoil. Its adhesive properties hold everything together. Typically, these ovens work by cooking the food slowly and evenly without burning it.

Cooking a pizza in a clay mud oven brings out a unique flavor and also the process is quite entertaining.

Do you want to bake a pizza in the outdoor environment? It’s quite simple, as the main material is all around you, and you just need some primitive skills to perfectly craft a clay mud oven.

Watch and learn how this man builds an incredible clay mud oven where he bakes his own pizza in it.

Materials needed:
-Clay mud (a lot of it)
-Wooden blocks
-Iron grill or metal rods
-Metal strip

Dig the clay out of the earth and bring it to the site, add water, and using your feet mix it evenly into a mud. Start building a square or rectangular shaped construction without a top. Use your hands to form walls and quickly shape the structure. Leave an opening at the bottom for the fire.

Add a grill, or rows of metal rods to form a shelf. Place a piece of cardboard over the grill/metal rods and cover it with the mud shaping it into a flat block. This is the spot where the pizza will sit while it is cooking.

Place wooden blocks on the front side of the framework and cover it with the mud. Now, put a metal strip on the wooden blocks to strengthen the structure. Carefully cover it with more mud and craft it into an oven shape.

Build the top of the oven in a cup shape and create two openings, one on the front to place the pizza in, and one on the top to let the smoke escape. The front opening should be in a rectangle shape and the top opening should be in a circular shape.

Make two brick-shaped mud doors, one to cover the pizza opening and one for the fire opening, and a round shaped cap to cover the opening on the top of the oven.

Make sure the mud dries for some time. Usually, the mud dries quickly and forms a strong bond.

Light a fire by placing wood inside the bottom part of the oven and cover the opening with a mud brick.

Building a clay mud oven takes two to three hours depending on your skills.

If you get bored with your regular baking methods, just try this outdoor oven to enjoy a great experience.

-Do not add too much water while mixing the mud because it can loosen the mud which results in weakening the structure.
-Be careful while building the oven and follow the steps clearly to avoid failures.

A video by Village Food Secrets