Judge let 5-yr-old son decide dad’s sentence—his response got a full round of applause

If all court cases could be the same as the one in this video, the world would be a much better place to live for sure.

Videos of kindhearted Judge Frank Caprio have reached into the hundreds of millions on social media as the 80-year-old judge dishes out sentences laced with humor and understanding in his courtroom, adding a bit of understanding to a rather heartless system.

He often invites the children of the ticketing offenders up onto his bench in Providence, Rhode Island, and encourages them to help him dish out a fair punishment. This 5-year-old had some wise and funny words to say when the judge asked him what he could suggest as a fitting fine for his father. Take a look; it’s easy to see why this judge is so loved.

Video Credit: Caught In Providence.