Russian couple have an unusual family member—when you see what they do for fun, I can’t look!

What would you do if you went to visit your friends for dinner and ended up sitting at the dinner table with a giant, furry carnivore?

For this Moscow couple, that’s a daily occurrence!

Meet Stepan, the seven-foot tall domesticated bear that Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko adopted over two decades ago.

While the great brown bear looks ferocious on the outside, he’s no more vicious than a well-trained dog. He snuggles with his “parents” as often as he can, sitting down to dinner at the table and lounging on the couch for movie nights week after week.

As the story goes, Stepan was reportedly a rescue bear when the Panteleenkos took him in, having been found in the woods motherless and struggling to survive.

Although conflicting reports exist on whether he could have made it on his own or not, the couple have been living with him ever since, sleeping under the same roof and even sometimes eating the same food as their giant friend since he was an infant.

The use of bears in Russian culture for domesticated tricks remains a controversial topic, but the Pateleenko family insist that Stepan is given plenty of space to roam and exercise—one of the primary concerns many have when it comes to situations like this. His love of “playing” soccer means he gets a ton of outdoor play time, and he’s encouraged to safely explore.

It may not be the kind of pet many would feel comfortable with—but as some Facebook commenters pointed out, it’s not as uncommon as one might think.

Just imagine coming home to these bear hugs—literally!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Caters News Agency