Kayakers come across a dolphin trapped in thick seaweed—without thinking they spring into action

When a group of kayakers went to navigate through densely packed seaweed on the surface of the water along the Isle of Barra in Scotland, the last thing they expected to see was a creature more suited for the clear, open waters of the Mediterranean.

Sure enough, though, a closer inspection proved that a frantic splash they had noticed deep in the tangled greens was coming from a trapped dolphin—and immediately, they knew it needed their help.

Quickly navigating through the dense seaweed to the dolphin, one of the kayakers started to record as he navigated his oar through the plants to clear a path for the dolphin, nudging it along to ensure it was able to get all the way out.

Eventually, he was free—and they were able to get back to their exploring while he swam away happily.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin Media