Lady pleads to Judge re parking ticket when granddaughter’s hospitalized—you have to hear this!

An aged woman stepped before the bench, allegedly, for parking in a prohibited area, and Judge Caprio was about to hear her plea. This judge from Providence, Rhode Island, is known for his down-to-earth approach to law, and that came shining through on this particular day.

Tragically, her granddaughter had just tried to hurt herself and was at the hospital, the woman explained. She was beside herself that day, and she was so nervous she had to get someone to drive her to the hospital, where her daughter and granddaughter were, already.

With her shaky voice, Judge learned—even though she has a special parking pass, and the hospital has free valet parking—that her husband wound up with a ticket after finding an illegal spot elsewhere.

And, given the circumstances, what was Judge Caprio’s reply? In any case, the response was good as gold, and true to his reputation!—but no one delivers it like the man himself!

Watch this satisfying exchange, and see how his Honor dealt with this violation of the law!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caught in Providence