Elderly lady passed homeless man everyday, but one day she had to stop—changed his life forever

Angela had driven down that road many times. And every time, her old eyes had fallen on a man sitting on the pavement, panhandling to survive. One day, right before Christmas, the elderly woman stopped her car in front of him and rolled down her window.

Years ago, Rodrick had a decent job and a comfortable home. Then, life took a miserable turn and he lost everything. He had no employment, no place to live in, and no strength to find a way out of his despair.

When the car came to a stop before him, Rodrick barely noticed until a woman’s voice asked, “If I could get you one thing for Christmas, what would it be?”

Surprised, Rodrick looked up and said that he wished he could afford to visit his sister in Tennessee. Pride had kept him from becoming a burden on her, but he dearly missed his only living family.

The old woman immediately promised to make his wish come true. When Rodrick asked her why, she told him, “there was something about you that I connected with.”

Angela was not a rich woman, but she strongly believed in helping in whatever way she could. Even if she couldn’t change Rodrick’s circumstances, she could reunite him with his family on Christmas. Within the next few days, she took the help of some friends and pooled enough money to fund his trip to Tennessee. Then, before he left on 23rd December, Angela bought some new clothes for him.

“A fresh look for a fresh beginning,” she told the man who’d never expected so much kindness from a stranger. But it was this gift from the old woman that reminded Rodrick that there was hope left in life. He couldn’t give in to his situation. He had to keep fighting to regain what he’d lost.

“She was an angel sent from heaven to save me,” he said later. If she hadn’t stopped to help him that day, he would not have found the strength to turn his life around.

Today, when Angela drives down that familiar road, she smiles at the sight of the empty pavement. Rodrick is no longer homeless, and that is her reward.