This Lemur craves a back-scratch and it won’t let the kids take a break!

These large-eyed ring-tailed “naughty” primates are so adorable and smart, they will have you twirled around their little finger in no time!

Or as the old French adage goes—”Donnez-leur en long comme le doigt, ils en prendront long comme le bras” translated: “Give them as long as the finger, they will take long as your arm!”

The kids in this video clip seem all too happy to comply with the Lemur’s demands of a seemingly never-ending back scratch!

Lemurs are incredibly amiable and fun-loving animals. They are so smart that they are even able to understand numbers, scientists have concluded. There are at least one hundred different species of Lemur, including the amazing dancing Lemurs. These highly intelligent primates are losing their homes due to the ‘Timber mafia’ who are felling the trees in Madagascar, an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa—Lemurs’ natural habitat.

Lemurs have long fingers and toes—one would assume that they could scratch their own backs, but this one in the visuals has figured that there are more convenient ways to get the job done—and they will let you know if you missed a spot by pointing!

Those innocent looking eyes will have you scratching their back in no time.

Watching the film “Island of Lemurs Madagascar” would really be worth your while. It’s a 41-minute, 3-D documentary that follows Dr. Patricia C. Wright’s mission to help save the Lemurs. On a lighter note, won’t “King Julian” from the movie “Madagascar” be proud of the lemur in this video? He upheld their reputation! “Excellent Work Maurice!”

Images credit: Youtube Screenshot | Manifest Magic.