Lions are feasting near a river when uninvited croc arrives, then ferocious male lion steps up

A feasting pride of lions is approached by an unwelcome visitor in this face-off between two of nature’s deadliest beasts.

African crocodiles are considered at the top of the food chain and they don’t feel the need to ask permission for anything, under any circumstances, except maybe from one.

Watch as a threatening crocodile approaches the pride of lions, which had discovered an easy meal: a deceased hippo that had washed up on the shore. The reptile is immediately addressed by several of the pride’s lionesses with ferocious growls and the baring of teeth.

The crocodile is unfazed by the show of force and continues its approach toward the pride … until he lumbers in.

Watch this fearful encounter between the undisputed king of the pride: Fang, and the unabashed croc, suddenly meeting its match with plenty to spare.

If that is not enough to give you the chills, we don’t know what is!

This footage has been viewed an impressive 16 million times on Facebook and has elicited hundreds of thousands of other reactions.

The encounter is tense and threatens violence throughout. The natural power displayed is a sight to behold, and a humble reminder of the forces that shape our natural world around us!

Video Credit: Facebook | Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Basic courtesy is not dead, even in the animal kingdom!