Little girl is fretting because her friends teased her—but watch how daddy puts out the fire!

Popiando Vazquez and his 2-year-old daughter Tiara share a hug and some love in this viral Instagram post.

Vazquez, who works as an Uber driver in the Bronx, captured the adorable scene on his dash camera in the summer of 2017. Vazquez says his dash camera is always on.

Tiara, reportedly having been called “bad” by her friends, took it hard and was overwhelmed by tears.

Her father, patient and supportive, addresses the toddler’s concerns with the question, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

The distressed toddler lets out a slew of adorable sobs which elicits looks of empathy from her father.

Offering the distressed toddler a hug, he wraps his burly arms around the tiny character.

The post has been viewed a whopping 3.3 million times on Instagram and has amassed hundreds of thousands of reactions.

Commenters flocked to the post, and over ten thousand people felt compelled to chime in. A quick surf through the comments reveals the crowd is equally enamored with the consoled toddler and her loving father.

Many speak passionately about the healing power of a hug. Our poster appears to agree. His aptly named Instagram account, Hugs USA, features numerous heartwarming clips of hugs he has captured along his journey.

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