Little girl takes miniature horse out for ride in the snow—but look who’s hitching a ride!

For kids, there’s nothing healthier than playing outside—even if the weather is cold. For those lucky enough to have the open space of living in a rural area, they may enjoy many more activities such as horseback riding. In this video of a young munchkin, all bundled up, riding on a miniature pony, the sight is just too adorable—what’s even more surprisingly adorable is the unlikely passenger who hitched a ride with her for this jaunt through the snow.

Dressed snugly in her hot-pink winter gear, pink mittens, alpine beanie, and boots, this girl took her miniature pony out for a ride in the snow. Judging from the footage, it’s plain to see that she has great form while she canters like a professional. But what makes this ride so unusual is how a special friend hitched a ride along with her—and by friend, we mean a black kitty cat.

The little girl patted the horse’s rump for the kitty to mount, and it took a little doing, but soon both kid and kitty were safely aboard and ready to ride.

The little girl wasted no time and began to gallop through the snow. And judging by the video, it doesn’t appear to be the first time her feline companion has hopped on for a ride, either. The kitty looks perfectly content on the horse’s rump, enjoying a free ride around the yard.

As the girl and her horse get warmed up and really start to gallop, the trio look too adorable.

Watch this unusual trio gallop through the snow in the most adorable way.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | NTD Life