Locals feed giant watermelon to giant rodents for fun—you’ll be shocked by this furry frenzy

Capybaras are the largest rodents alive, roaming most of South America and munching down on berries and plants everywhere they go. Why it is we humans find it so amusing to watch these furry creatures mow down on a big juicy watermelon we may never know!

While we humans are known to munch down on the large fruit with great enthusiasm, though, this hilariously presented video is proof that there may just be a species out there more obsessed with watermelon than we are.

With a heavy sweet tooth and a diet consisting heavily of fruits and berries, though, these furry friends go absolutely nuts for watermelon—and the humans they coexist with certainly don’t mind capitalizing on this for a little entertainment!

Here you can see a group of South American town-goers making a big display of presenting the largest, juiciest watermelon they can find to a group of capybaras, that find themselves more than satisfied by the hydrating snack, not caring what all the fuss is for, as they gnaw through the outer skin and delve into the sweet, juicy red meat.

While some viewers just didn’t get the appeal of watching the capybara feast, others were quick to joke that they were happy to live vicariously through the little creatures.

After all, who doesn’t love to watch a bunch of giant furry rodents partake in a fruit feeding frenzy?

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Nagasaki BIO PARK