Man hears tiny ‘cries’ from drainpipe in his home—but watch closely when he gets his jackhammer

A man in Ibiza, Spain worked for 48 hours using various methods attempting to rescue a tiny critter that had gotten itself stuck in a drain pipe. Despite several initial setbacks after the first day, he continues his efforts with the help of friends to save the small animal’s life.

It turns out, a kitten had run into a drain pipe opening which led deep into the walls of the man’s home. As the kitten mewed from within the pipe, the rescuers attempt everything from smashing the wall where the kitten had entered the pipe to trying to flush the baby cat out using a water hose—nothing seemed to be working.

As he seemed ready to give up, he tells the camera, “We tried everything. It’s very frustrating because … we wanted to get it out.” Then, he is interrupted by a little girl, who had been helping with the rescue, who reminds the man, “We didn’t try everything.

The man agrees and says that they can try more the following day. He knows that if they aren’t able to save the kitten, it will soon die.

Eventually, a friend arrives with a jackhammer, which they use to rip open the very exterior of the home, exposing the pipe where the kitten is trapped. Finally, the man pulls out the frail-looking kitten after 48-hours of rescue efforts and returns her to her mother, who had been waiting nearby.

The kitten weakly suckles milk from her mother as the man lays on the ground next to them, grateful the kitten is still alive.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin