Man looks up from his menu to order—but when he sees who his waiter is, he freaks out

When this man took a seat in a local diner near his home, all he hoped for was a meal and some coffee.

Instead, he got the best surprise he could have possibly asked for!

In a secret video filmed at the table, the man was seen glancing at his menu, studying it briefly before the wait staff walked up to take a drink order.

When the server asks him what he’d like, he glances up to respond. His realization that the server isn’t just an ordinary waiter has him jumping out of his seat, though, flying across the booth, and into the waiting man’s arms!

The server, it turns out, was actually his son, Cory Harris. The younger man had been deployed overseas in Japan for more than a year, and was so excited to be back home again that he decided to rig up a surprise for his dad.

Instead of hiding at home or jumping out on the street, he begged a local restaurant to let him pose as a member of their staff for the morning. When his dad sat down, he snuck over—dressed in the eatery’s uniform and all—and posed with an order book just to see the smile on his dad’s face.

Given the reaction, it was most definitely worth it!

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