Man posts video of himself playing a flute to a happy horse—but some netizens aren’t so sure!

This charming moment of a musician playing a Native American flute to the delight of a happy horse has gotten a lot of attention online. It’s fascinating the emotional response animals display when hearing music—it’s truly a universal language!

Yet, the enthusiastic horse keenly nodding to the melody has been contested by some online. Some netizens have said that the horse, named Mr. Cruz, was reacting not with enthusiasm—a happy emotion—but pain from the flute “hurting the horse’s ears.”

Although this preposition may seem ridiculous to anyone watching the display, the flute player decided to clear up any confusion once and for all by conducting an “interview.”

Just to be sure, he asks the listener himself if he likes his flute playing, “Did you enjoy it?” he asks. The spontaneous nodding seems to affirm that he did. But watch what happens when the man adds, “People were saying that it hurts your ears.” The reaction is golden!

The video is an absolutely hilarious interaction of music and animal kinship.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Marty 33