Man says he didn’t see ‘no parking’ sign—then Judge Caprio gives ruling & it’s so satisfying!

Taking the time to go to court and fight a minor ticket can seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but when it’s this entertaining, who would want to miss the chance?

In Providence, Rhode Island, Chief Municipal Judge Frank Caprio makes sure that each case he rules on ends up making as much of a difference as possible.

In an episode of the show “Caught in Providence,” which televises Caprio’s cases on minor parking and traffic infractions, a parking ticket delivered by a local inspector ended up shocking both the recipient of the ticket and the inspector when all was said and done.

The defendant explained to Judge Caprio that he had parked in the prohibited area following the example of other cars, not realizing, due to lack of signage, that the spot he had parked in was actually a travel lane.

In rebuttal, the inspector insisted that there had been a sign there—and although construction resulted in its disappearance, the defendant wasn’t exempted on the premise of being negligent.

Without the signage, though, Caprio made an interesting decision on the matter.

Given his incredibly fair rulings, though, his role could be argued as a promoter of proper justice. Hard not to hope he’s behind the bench the next time you’re under the gun!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | NTD Life