Man surprises girlfriend with new puppy—but she completely breaks down after seeing its nametag

This video is sure to make you smile after seeing the double surprise that awaited this woman. What a lucky girl!

As soon as this woman’s boyfriend arrived back, she had a huge smile on her face as she quickly came out to greet him. After he opened the passenger-side door, he made sure to tell her “to stand back” so he could take out the gift she was excited about.

In his hands, her boyfriend held an adorable Labrador puppy wearing a pink bow around his neck.

Immediately, she started to weep just at the sight of the cute brown puppy who was sniffing the ground. When she picked the pup up, she hugged it tightly and continued to cry.

While she caressed the pup gently, she noticed that the pup’s collar was supposed to be pink, but instead it was red. Her boyfriend pointed out that she’s a hunting dog, so no pink collar, and then asked her to “read the name tag.”

When the woman did, she couldn’t believe what she saw—it was another special gift just for her. She began to cry hard again.

Watch the video to find out what memorable surprise her boyfriend gave. It’s one she’ll never forget.