Married couple get unexpected package in the mail—when it’s opened, it’s a total shocker!

When a couple from Vancouver, Washington received an unexpected package in the mail one day, they had no idea that when they opened it, its contents would change their lives forever.

With their daughter recording them sitting at the dining room table, the couple struggles with a small kitchen knife to open the mysterious package.

When her dad finally rips open the box and pulls out a big blanket, though, they still haven’t quite caught on to what’s actually happening—until he reads the note attached to it.

“Dear grandma and grandpa …” is all her mom needs to hear before she finally understands, and freaks out accordingly!

While the new grandpa can only laugh at his wife’s hilarious reaction, though, it’s clear he’s just as excited as his wife is at the incredible news!

No doubt this baby is being born into a happy family full of love and definitely lots of laughter!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin