Men look inside deep well for trapped dog, but when dog sees them—its reaction has me in tears

When villagers outside of the western Indian city of Udaipur heard terrified cries coming from the bottom of a deep well in a secluded area, they rushed to see what was trapped feet below the ground.

A quick glance into the hole told them that a rescue team was immediately necessary—because a terrified dog was waiting at the bottom, no way to get out!

Animal Aid Unlimited, a nonprofit organization dispatched to rescue animals around India, was quickly called to the scene.

When they arrived, they realized that the rescue wasn’t going to be easy. The sides of the well were smooth and without hand or footholds, and the drop was too steep to send someone down without assistance.

As the dog’s cries grew louder, though, they immediately went to work.

One of the volunteers was strapped into a secure harness, then lowered into the well by the other rescuers using a thick rope.

Once down at the bottom, the volunteer subdued the nearly-inconsolable furry friend, wrapping her up in a blanket and bundling her in his arms to be lifted back out again.

It took plenty of manpower and patience, but the pair were eventually lifted back out of the steep hole. There, despite pouring rain making the banks on the edge slick, another volunteer pulled the sweet dog—named Ruby—out of the first volunteer’s arms, bringing her to safety while the volunteer was pulled the rest of the way out.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Animal Aid India