Mom hears a ‘stranger’ sneak into the kitchen—when she turns around, she screams & runs for it

For Memphis mom Gwen Jackson and her daughter Brittany Pettis, all they wanted for the holidays was a chance to see their son and brother, Grant, home safe and sound.

Grant had been stationed in Japan for nearly two years, living across the globe as an airman in the Air Force. And although the family stayed in touch when they could, using FaceTime to chat across oceans and time zones, it just wasn’t the same.

As the holidays approached, Pettis got some excellent news—Grant would be able to come home to visit!

Hoping to really give their mom an amazing gift, though, the pair kept it a secret. Instead, they recorded the moment that she saw her son walk into the kitchen, and the reaction certainly makes all the secrecy worth the while.

Many military parents can’t believe their eyes when they see their solder walk in through the door, and for Jackson, it was no different.

Absolutely unable to compute the release of emotion all at once, her first instinct is to flee, and she finds herself in the laundry room, of all places, with the lights turned off! And, all smiles, her son and the person recording the reunion head right in to see it come together.

Grant and his sister laugh, but her reaction is totally understandable. After that long apart, who wouldn’t be thrilled by a reunion come true?

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Storyful