Momma bird leaves her eggs to find food—then woman bird watcher starts recording this!

Nature can be absolutely amazing sometimes!

Youtube user Rebecca Petty documented and shared her own incredible nature experience one spring after she discovered a small bird’s nest erected about waist height in her backyard.

“Every morning, I would sneak out while the mother bird was out looking for food and take a picture of the progress,” Petty wrote.

Then, one morning, she went out to take the photo and realized one of the eggs was starting to crack!

Immediately, she switched to recording a video and witnessed something rare and beautiful.

The short clip documents the first crack in the egg growing slightly larger, shaking and rattling as the tiny bird inside struggles to break free.

It’s tiring work. After every few pecks at the hole, the baby inside has to take a break, resting in order to gather up more strength to try again, working toward its freedom.

Eventually, the beak is free! The bird is able to then widen the pip hole into a full-fledged fissure along the top of the egg, cracking the gorgeous greenish-hued shell enough to then use his body to start to push the top right off.

The exhausting work isn’t over, and it takes the chick another four or five minutes to actually break free entirely. Eventually, the head is out! Then comes a wing, a leg, and the other wing follows suit not long after—and with a few deep, panting breaths, the chick is out!

According to Petty, the mother was “pretty mad” during the filming but ultimately allowed the incredible video to unfold—and before long, all four chicks hatched and flew away within a few weeks.

That’s an experience she likely won’t forget anytime soon!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Rebecca Petty