Octopus is oblivious to dangerous predator hiding in dark cave—but watch when it suddenly strikes!

Man’s fascination with the infamously eight-tentacled octopus appears to have no limits and when this octopus encounters an eel who’s anger looks to have no limits as well!

Creeping along the bottom of an ocean, just beside an old shipwreck, this octopus does not appear to have a care in the world.

But the serene stroll on the bottom of the ocean comes to an abrupt end when the octopus gets a little too close to an eel lurking in a nearby, dark cave.

As soon as the eel strikes, the octopus immediately deploys one of its most effective defense measures, and tucks its tentacles under its body to protect them from the attack.

Eels and octopuses are not known to get along and, may be considered the equivalent of the dog versus cat drama that unfolds on land, but luckily, this encounter ends without too much drama for all parties involved!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Newsflare