Owner unable to buy dogs back from shelter after heart attack—but then, the staff say this

This video shows an elderly man who was feeling hopeless and dejected after being separated from his two dogs. He missed his furry companions, but couldn’t get them back himself. It was when the man encountered the kindness extended to him from strangers that things took an amazingly positive turn for him.

An elderly man from Delaware suffered a heart attack in September 2015 and was hospitalized. His two dogs, Bailey and Blaze, had no one to care for them, so they were placed in an animal shelter until he was able to care for them. His hospital stay became lengthy, and his dogs had to be put up for adoption, as the shelter could no longer care for them.

When he was finally released from the hospital, he quickly went to the animal shelter, and to his great relief, he discovered his beloved pets were still there. They were overjoyed to see him. But there was one snag, however. The shelter wanted $250 for him to “adopt” his dogs back. He didn’t have enough money to cover it, so sadly he had to leave them behind, promising to return when he found the funds.

A couple of days later, he returned. He didn’t have enough as yet, and came back to tell them he was trying to arrange for the funds but needed more time. He was desperate to have his beloved pets back.

Instead of turning him down, the staff did something to make this man realize he was not alone, and that people do care about him.

The staff in the store had become concerned over the separation between this man and his dogs, so they decided to pay the fees themselves, out of their own pockets, so he could bring Bailey and Blaze back home again. The sympathetic employees even bought his dogs food and toys as well.

“Are you serious?!” exclaims the man in a video uploaded to YouTube. He couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing.

He starts tearing up. “This is so unbelievable, thank you.”

When this registers with the man, he becomes overwhelmed with emotion, and tells the man waiting in line behind him that he’s getting his dogs back.

Bailey and Blaze seemed to know their owner was in the store, and they can be heard barking in the background. Perhaps they can sense they’re finally able to return home.

This was such a selfless act on behalf of the staff. This is a story that’ll stay with them for some time.

With more kind deeds like this, the world will become a better place, bit by bit. One kind deed after another.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Lynzee Carrothers.