Paralyzed young football player stands and walks during graduation ceremony

Chris Norton, a former American football defensive back, is the star of this tear-jerking video.

The Iowa student, while playing a game in 2010, was tragically paralyzed when he executed a tackle against an opposing player.

Doctors stated that there was a 3 percent chance that he would regain any movement below his neck.

But watch the stunning moment when it came time for Norton to receive his degree at Luther College. After his fiancé escorts him onto the stage—and after four years of physiotherapy—the impossible happens.

With an entire graduating class standing and applauding, the pressure is on. Watch Norton as he finds both strength and his footing—somehow—and makes his way across the stage to the Dean, who then does the honors.

The camera pans to the crowd, and we are treated to the spectacle of an entire gymnasium of exuberant classmates applauding.

Chris’s extraordinary feat was due to countless hours of hard work and the right equipment to address his rehabilitation.

Chris knew that many people with his type of injury do not have access to the help he received. As such, he started a charitable foundation: SCI Can Foundation, which supplies specialized equipment to people in need.

This inspiring young man has turned a devastating, life-altering injury into a heroic legacy.

Video Credit: Facebook  | Chris Norton

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