Parents surprise son with a giant cookie—when he reads the icing letters, he bursts out crying

When it comes to revealing new changes to families, there are countless ways to go about doing it, and one of the most exciting ways is with a surprise.

For these parents, though, the delivery of a personalized cookie to make a huge announcement to their son is almost irrelevant when you see how he reacts to their news!

This young boy can’t even begin to guess what his parents are trying to tell him when they present him with a personalized cookie cake, struggling to read the scripted icing letters on the top.

“What’s going on?” the boy asks, looking hopefully up at his parents.

The words on his giant cookie? “Big Brother”—and although he thinks he knows what’s going on, he wants to make absolutely sure.

“What do you think?” the parents ask, hoping to get their son to guess all on his own—and sure enough, he’s quick to ask if that means he has a brother.

Although there’s a moment where he thinks it may actually be a puppy, the look of wonder and tearful excitement that crosses this amazing new big brother’s face when he realizes that his mom is pregnant will give you all kinds of warm feelings.

As for his parents, it’s absolutely heartwarming to see that their now-oldest child is overjoyed at the news!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Jukin