Passersby hear odd ‘cries’ coming from under sidewalk—but watch closely what they soon find!

Passersby heard faint sounds coming from below the concrete on this walkway in Thailand and called in some much-needed help.

Armed with power tools, pickaxes and several lengths of rebar, these men go to work to free the animals trapped inside.

Once they managed to get a section up, they reach in and pull out an adorable but filthy kitten. A kitten that, once free, does not hesitate to celebrate its newfound freedom by scampering off in a random direction while the rescuers turn their attention back to the other kitten still trapped.

In the end, two kittens had found themselves trapped in the filthy sewer, but thanks to their adorable wails and some kind passersby, these two felines received another chance at life!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Newsflare