Pilot disembarks from plane to make announcement—passengers weren’t expecting this ‘bombshell’

In this hilarious video, a first-time pilot who has successfully landed his first plane celebrates by broadcasting his achievement to literally everyone in the arrivals.

The passengers are seen entering the arrivals area at Heathrow Airport near London carrying their luggage, and everything seems as usual until this thrilled pilot shows up with his arms wide open and a triumphant smile.

Just as he sets his foot in the arrivals, he proudly announces that he has just successfully landed his first plane!

Everyone is taken aback by this sudden announcement, but still, they give the proud pilot a round of applause that he deserves. He makes a winning gesture as he thanks everyone and narrates how some people thought he wouldn’t be able to do it. He couldn’t be more proud of being up “70,000 altitude” in the sky!

With all the electrifying joy that he’s feeling, the pilot breaks into dance, and at this point, many people pull out their cameras to capture this seemingly weird but feel-good moment!

As the excitement unfolds, one of the pilot’s mates comes running to embrace the new achiever.

Sharing your joy and success with others is truly an amazing feeling. Not only does it boost your confidence, but to see other people’s lips curve into a beautiful smile as they rejoice with you is overwhelmingly wonderful!

Well, let’s reveal a secret that this video is just a prank from the YouTube channel Trollstation. But this doesn’t dilute the whole fun… Enjoy this hilarious clip!

Video Credit: Facebook | Newsflare.

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