A pod of hunter orcas are spotted thrashing near the surface—their prey is unbelievable to see

Most tourists and explorers that encounter orcas out in the wild come across what are known as resident whales, which stay in one place and live primarily on smaller fish.

When Russian photographer Mikhail Korostelev went out on the water with a tourist group and some ecological scientists, though, the excursion came across something far rarer—and significantly more deadly!

The group were out on the water in the Avacha Gulf off the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia Far East when they came across a group of transient orcas.

Unlike their resident cousins, the transient whales never stay in one place, moving around the ocean and eating much larger prey.

Sure enough, this group had honed in on an Minke whale—and they were viciously tearing into one of their own kind. Korostolev was able to capture the entire thing on footage.

This is definitely one type of whale you don’t want to mess with!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Barcroft