This pug is super confused when man performs magic trick—but watch closely when ball ‘disappears’!

If you’ve ever been curious about what happens when you try to show a dog a magic trick, this Canadian man and his adorable dog are the perfect test subjects to help you find out!

Sitting in a chair next to his pug, the man holds out a small, yellow ping-pong ball.

Eager to get the treat all to himself, the dog patiently sits and waits for the ball to head his way.

Instead of dropping from the man’s fingers and onto the floor, though, all it takes is a wave of the man’s other hand and a flick of his wrists—and all of a sudden, there’s no ball to be seen!

As Finnish magician Jose Ahonen discovered doing his own magic tricks for dogs a few years ago, our four-legged friends are no less likely to get duped by mystery and intrigue than humans are. So it’s really no surprise when, after the ball disappears, the pug has absolutely no idea what happened to it (and to be honest, neither do we!).

The way he finally reacts to the baffling situation, though, will have you in stitches; as if he no longer wants to live in a reality with disappearing toys, the pug books it out of the room as fast as his little legs will take him.

Hopefully, he got the ball in the end after all; for now, though, it’s a pretty hilarious look at how other species react to something that has even baffled humans for centuries.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Jukin