Rescuers chase a pack of abandoned bunnies in a yard—but when they hide under a shed, it’s tricky

It’s a change of pace when the crew from Hope for Paws is called out for a whole group of abandoned bunnies that give the rescue team a run for their money. 

The crew almost immediately locate the first rabbit, Josephine, near the curb while driving down the street.

The rabbit is clearly not indigenous to the area and is accustomed to humans. It welcomes the treats thrown at it.

Next up, the crew manages to corner another bunny and scoop it up with a net.

The rescues continues: a third bunny with unique markings around its eyes is discovered sheltering under a shed and is coaxed out by a leaf of lettuce.

The adorable work continues, and it takes another hour for the crew to coax a fourth bunny from its hiding place.

Their progress becomes painfully slow after this. Ten hours pass while the crew work diligently to retrieve the last two bunnies, but they eventually have to give up, promising to return for the remaining bunnies.

The efforts exerted to retrieve the final two lost bunnies brings the crew to demolish the floor of a shed with no other option for the bunnies hiding under the floor.

The entire adorable ordeal is documented in detail in the video. All in all, six bunnies were rescued after being abandoned. But watch how happy their are munching down on organic kale afterwards, and taking a photoshoot, noses wobbling.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Hope For Paws