Rescuers return to find stray dog’s brother in LA neighborhood—but their reunion is so amazing

When southern California-based animal rescue organization Hope For Paws found a home with more land and chillier temps for a stray, homeless Newfoundland, they had no idea that they’d be back so soon—and for more of the exact same!

The rescue shelter got a call not long after the Newfoundland had been brought up North to live with his new forever family, informing the group that there was a sibling dog now running around the streets of California instead.

Knowing how desperate the poor pup was to find a home—and his sibling—the group quickly went out to the neighborhood they’d found the fellow dog giant not too long beforehand.

It took plenty of coaxing, but eventually they were successful in getting the new dog to approach the volunteers and act calmly for the transport home.

Now, he’s got a chance to go live with his sibling once again!

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