Russian man’s dog is barking & wants him to follow—then he sees something trapped in icy lake

A man and his dog out in the subarctic parts of the Russian wilderness weren’t expecting to stumble across a gigantic creature in distress one day. When the dog alerted its owner to the large creature trapped in an icy pond, though, the two quickly went to work on a rescue mission to save a life.

One might not expect a small dog to be so eager to approach a moose, much less set about helping its owner in a rescue operation to save one. Even a small female moose tips the scales at around 450 lbs, weighing probably 20 times as much as many smaller breed dogs.

In a viral video on ViralHog, though, that’s exactly what the much smaller animal is seen doing when its owner starts the cameras rolling.

The pair dash up to the moose, who is nearly submerged in a small hole in the middle of a frozen lake. Although it’s a treacherous situation, it’s not altogether uncommon in many Russian regions, where temperatures can dip well below -30 degrees Celsius in the coldest months of winter.

A moose is well-equipped to withstand harsh climates, but even their thick undercoats and special guard hairs—hollow to help them stay afloat in the water—can only do so much when trapped in freezing waters.

Knowing that, the man and his dog quickly went to work, getting the moose out. Luckily, they seem to have caught him in time—and after brushing off his fur in an attempt to warm him up with the man’s glove and remove excess water and ice, the moose is able to stand under its own power and head back out into the wilderness.

A moose is a solitary creature, so getting trapped in the water could have been the end. In Alaska, moose have been discovered frozen in time in ponds, where they fell through doing everything from walking to fighting during mating season. For this lucky animal, though, help found its way and not a minute too soon.

Just watch this a touching moment, caught on the man’s camera, of a dog desperately barking to assist the moose and a successful and touching ending after the rescue.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | NTD Inspired Life