Service dog visits hospital & sniffs the room—when he sees the bed, things get out of hand

Dogs truly are a man’s best friend—and they never show that quite so well as when they miss their owners. It is even more so when those owners are away due to some hardship or misfortune as this man was when he was bedridden and hospitalized.

This service dog was unable to see his owner for days.

No details were given, but it seems as if there was an accident with the owner—and he ended up in the hospital, without his most loyal companion.

As the German shepherd is brought into the room, though, the reunion between the two is a perfect depiction of the love shared between them.

The dog is unable to contain his excitement, dashing around the hospital room, catching wind of his owner’s scent and desperately seeking him out.

It takes him a while, but eventually he’s able to find the man on the hospital bed, playing hide and seek from his pet. And when the owner bids him to jump up for an embrace, he can’t help but lick wildly with affection. It’s simply over the top!

Dogs’ healing powers can be more effective than any medicine, giving nothing but love and offering the care and reassurance that nurtures one’s emotional and physical well-being. For military veterans, service dogs have provided traumatized men and women a beacon of comfort amidst despair, while both hospitals and nursing homes regularly work with dogs to bring smiles to those whose days would otherwise seem bleak and empty.

In the case of this service dog owner, though, it’s just another example to illustrate how they really are man’s best friend—through thick and thin, every time!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | NTD Inspired Life