Severely injured puppy takes shelter in ancient temple—but when rescuers come, it’s so amazing

When Animal Aid India got a call about a stray dog in critical condition that had wandered into a temple to seek shelter, they immediately set out to rescue the poor pup.

At the temple, the volunteers found the puppy’s condition to be much worse than they had imagined. Clearly in too much pain to lie down, the puppy stood huddled in a corner of an open room, shivering, covered in blood, and visibly woozy—the open wounds on his thin body exposed to the elements.

Too weak to react to their presence, it was clear this innocent soul had come into the shelter to find a quiet place to live out his last moments. Little did this puppy know, though, that the strangers who showed up at the door that day, would be there to give him a chance at a second life.

Back at the shelter, Punkin made an incredible recovery after only 4 weeks of love and care from the kindhearted rescuers at his new home at Animal Aid India. Now, he’s unrecognizable!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Soi Dog Foundation